The Pre-Development Phase of a Website Details

Before you think about putting in the hottest web design trends we talked about in our site, you need to know what to do BEFORE you develop your website. You can go to the details directly without understanding the basics.

A website is what you need in today’s times to have your business recognized. Without a website, you’re basically a fossil. Keep up, dude! Well, you’re in the right place right now, so don’t worry about it. There are tons of articles here that will help you keep up with the times.


So, what do you need first? well, of course a domain. Choose a name that people can easily recall. Something that will really POP. You’ll know it when you think of it. Think of business names that you are interested in (make sure they’re earning money too), and you’re certainly going to think of that winner domain. This will pretty much make or break your business, so choose smart.

Next step would be to choose a reliable hosting platform. Observe how much capacity you need, and decide from there.


Decide on the technology you’re going to use. Whether it’s HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, Javascript, etc. You need to know the tools, so that you know how to battle.

Next would be the purpose. This is the philosophical part of your business. Why are you creating this business anyway? You need to ask this question so that you can also have your catchy slogan, and mission statement.

The rest of the tips are in the infographic above.