This wonderful video that’s talking about 2016 Web Design trends to increase conversions.

The first suggestion the host says is to replace smaller images with something BIG and BOLD will make people stop to watch your website more. You need to put large, full-width images. This has led to higher conversions. To take it a step up, you need to put happy, smiling people to make the customer feel good about visiting the website. If you have a big image with happy people, it’s sure to be a hit.

You may also have like an ambient video in your home page, or a cinemagraph where only one element is moving. Make sure that it won’t distract your reader from the main message of your page.

Another suggestion is on split-screen layouts. You can have 2 options, one is on the left and one is on the right. Click here or click here. A home page split right into 2. This is perfect for websites with multiple or two products. It is a great way to funnel your customers to the right spot.

Another suggestion is pairing a monochromatic website with a contrasting CTA color, which will make it more visible.

Another one is prioritized navigation, where you laser focus your options. Hide the rest of the options in a hidden menu icon. Focus on your main call action, which will prioritize where you want your customers to click.

Another one is a minimal lead capture where simplicity will lead you to more conversions, since it’s easier to understand and very readable.